Why install rooflights from VisionAGI? The first reason that springs to mind is the dazzling quality of the light that rooflights channel into the area below. It doesn’t matter what style of rooflight you are thinking of installing. Simply put, a strategically placed rooflight floods the interior with brighter light than traditional vertical windows, bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside your home. 

We call this #lightscaping but there’s another element to consider when installing your rooflights and that is your opportunity to create beautiful interiors which take full advantage of all this additional light.

We’ve all got our own individual decorating style. And whether we have the budget to employ a professional interior designer or are happy to give our own creativity free reign, our homes give us all an opportunity to create a living environment which reflects our interests and personality. Very often however, the furnishings and home accessories we choose are dictated not just by the style of our homes or the size of the rooms, but also where the light falls – and how much there is of it.

Many people spend a huge amount of time choosing their colour pallets for their walls, furniture, soft furnishings and accessories, but forget about the lighting aspect of their rooms. When you install a rooflight, the lighting is not only changed but enhanced. What are you going to do with all that light? Chances are you will now see your decorating choices in a whole different light as a result.

Everything old may seem new again or you may suddenly realise that it’s time to redecorate in a way that takes advantage of your enhanced light-living. We recommend waiting until your new rooflight is installed before making any big décor decisions. You may also want to observe how the light changes in the room during the day. Love rich, dark tones but you’ve been unable to add them due to the lack of light in your room? A rooflight offers the opportunity to add deep colours.


Or do you yearn for a lighter, brighter palette? All that light allows you to reflect that too. Sometimes it can be a simple matter of re-arranging your furniture to better take advantage of the light your rooflight directs indoors. Or you may come to the conclusion that you need to upgrade your ‘look’ to reflect all that light-enhanced living.

Adding a rooflight brings with it the opportunity to get creative when it comes to creating a Grand Design for your living space. So set your imagination free and create an interior that’s a dazzling as the light within! Want to talk rooflight possibilities? Contact us for an obligation-free chat. When it comes to rooflights at VisionAGI #wehavethevision