Bespoke Multi-panel rooflight with fixed and opening sections

Short on space? Are you absolutely certain it’s more space you need? Do your interiors look more dark than cramped? If you are thinking about extending your home or even opening up more internal space by knocking down a wall, think about whether it is extra space you need, or just more light. Because at VisionAGI we’ve got another take on home extension. 

The fact is light makes any area of your home appear bigger. And it’s more than just an optical illusion. When people say ‘rooflights’ they don’t necessarily associate them with home extension. But in fact, this is exactly what they are. Lifting your roof off and adding a rooflight opens up you ceiling area creating a portal where the light can flood in. The ‘lift’ not only raises your ceiling height – obviously by adding glass, but rooflights actually channel six times the amount of light than vertical windows do. So, all that uplift and all that extra light expands your interior space. We could call this a light extension.

Uplifting your ceiling by adding a rooflight also has an uplifting effect on you if you spend a lot of time indoors either in the winter or because you live in an apartment. Sunlight increases your serotonin levels and believe it or not, this even makes us sleep better at night. And even if the weather isn’t brilliant, the patterns the rain makes falling on your rooflight or the view of the clouds, offer a bigger, more uplifting perspective rather than being just ‘stuck indoors’.

Unlike other kinds of home extensions, rooflights usually don’t require planning permission except for very few instances such as the rooflight could be considered an unreasonable size or you live in a listed building.  VisionAGI can advise here and all our rooflights adhere to current building regulations. A common mistake many people make when thinking about installing a rooflight is to underestimate the size of the rooflight they need to get the lightscaping effect they are after. Here is where VisionAGI’s expertise can really help you – not just in choosing the best type of rooflight for your home and the area in which you want it installed, but in also offering you the best advice on the size of rooflight you need to achieve the maximum extension effect – uplifting your living space into the light.

So think of rooflights as one of the most effective forms of home extension you can undertake and talk to VisionAGI about lifting up your living space.