What are the size dimensions on your website?

The sizes listed are the external dimensions of your finished kerb upstand (outside edge of upstand to outside edge).

The rooflight is designed to fit a kerb upstand of this size.

The Width dimension is the overall measurement to the kerb upstand directed across the fall of the roof. The Height dimension is the overall measurement of the kerb upstand running in the same direction as the fall of the roof.

How do I measure correctly for my rooflight?

Before measuring it is important to check that the walls to your upstand are parallel and square and that your upstand is finished and fully weathered.

Measure the overall finished kerb upstand across the fall of your roof, from outside edge to outside edge of the upstand. This will be your Width dimension.

Measure the overall finished kerb upstand in the same direction as the fall of your roof, from outside edge to outside edge of the upstand. This will be your Height dimension.

Please refer to our Quoted Size Guides on the Resources page for further information

How long is my quote valid for?

Your quote is valid for 30 days from date of issue.

Once your order has been received, the processing & delivery of your order must be complete within 90 days.

Any over run to that will be subject to a re-price. This is to cover our supplier price increases, for which we usually receive 3 months advance notice.

How do I place an order?

Ordering couldn’t be easier! Just head to our online shop, choose the style of rooflight you would like and complete all of the required fields.

Or alternatively, you could call us on 01223 79 22 44 and place your over the phone.

Please note; once your order has been received, the processing & delivery of your order must be complete within 90 days. Any over run to that will be subject to a re-price. This is to cover our supplier price increases, for which we usually receive 3 months advance notice.

What are the lead times?

The Rooflight Collection – Estimated delivery 10-15 working days

Bespoke Rooflights –  Estimated delivery 20-25 working days

Walk On Glass Floors –  Estimated delivery 20-25 working days

Sliding Rooflight Range –  Estimated delivery from 20 working days

Click here to view full delivery information.

How much will my rooflight weigh?

This will be dependent on the size and specification of your rooflight, but as an example a standard specification Fixed Skylight; 1000mm X 1000mm would weigh approximately 50kgs.

If you need to know the exact weight of your rooflight we can advise you of this, on dispatch. Please contact the Office on 01223 79 22 44, if you require this service.

How will my rooflight be packaged?

It is very important to us your rooflight arrives on site in the same condition it left us, so it will be fully protected. The rooflight will be packaged with shrink wrap on a bespoke timber pallet and laid flat.

How are my rooflights delivered? And will help be required to unload?

Your rooflight will be delivered by our In-house dedicated delivery service.

It is your responsibility to ensure there are enough people available to off load your rooflight/s safely.

The dispatch confirmation email will detail the approximate size and weight of the rooflight/s and how many people will be required to unload.

The number of people advised to off-load (is to be used as a guide only, dependent on what each person is capable of lifting) and does not include the delivery driver (or, if relevant, our Installation Team).

Please note:  If you require a specific delivery date & time, additional charges will apply.  Once delivery is booked in should you wish to change the agreed date, we will require a minimum of three days notice, otherwise you may incur a transport cancellation charge.

Can I collect my rooflight from your factory?

Collection of your order is possible from our factory in Cambridge; Queens Business Park, Wilbraham Road, Fulbourn, Cambridge CB21 5GT.

The same lead/delivery times apply.

To opt for collection, go through to ‘Checkout’ and select it in the ‘Delivery Options’. We will then contact you to arrange a time for collection.

Please note: An appropriate vehicle must be used for collection, bearing in mind fork-loading, dimensions (allowing for packaging) and weight of your order.

Rooflights must be transported flat.

What shape rooflight can I have?

You can have pretty much any shape rooflight you like. We call this a Bespoke Rooflight. You can view details about this service on the Bespoke Rooflights page.

Are the rooflights safe to walk on?

Our rooflights are classed as “Fragile Roofs”, except for our Walk On Glass Floors. If there is any possibility whatsoever of persons stepping or falling on the rooflight, it is your responsibility to ensure that safety barriers are installed to prevent trips/falls onto the rooflight/s.

To ensure you have the right specification for your project, please advise us if a Fragile / Class 1 / Class2 or Walk On is required.

Do you have a site survey service?

We can complete a Site Survey of your site to ensure that the upstand has been constructed correctly, to measure the opening to which our upstand is to be fitted or to check accessibility of the site.

To get a price for your Site Survey and to book a visit please contact us on 01223 79 22 44.

Do you offer an installation service?

Although our rooflights are specially designed to be easy to install. However, should you prefer not to do it yourself, our highly experienced and professional Vision AGI Installation Teams, are available to install your rooflight/s throughout the UK.


How do I support my rooflight(s)?

Rooflights are installed with a supporting upstand/kerb detail. Upstands are used to keep the glazed section of the rooflight off of the roof’s surface and are typically made of timber.

When ordering your Vision AGI rooflight/s you will be offered the option of being supplied with our upstand. We would recommend that this be used as this will ensure that you have the correct size and pitch to your Upstand, to allow for water run-off.

Can I use my own upstand?

Yes, a good carpenter/builder should be happy to build an upstand with the required specification. This is perfectly acceptable, as long as the following guidelines are adhered to:

  • Ensure the upstand is square by measuring across the diagonally opposite corners
  • Allow for the correct pitch
  • Minimum height of the upstand is 150mm
  • Upstand width should be 100mm (including finishes)

Whether Vision AGI has supplied your upstand, or if you have constructed it yourself, it is important you instruct your roofer to correctly dress the upstand to ensure the correct fitting of your Vision AGI rooflight. Please ensure the roof membrane thickness does not exceed 8mm to the top most 100mm of the upstand and make sure that the top face of the upstand is free from undulations that exceed 3mm.

How high does the upstand need to be from the roof surface?

Current Building Regulations recommend that the upstand must protrude at least 150mm (at its lowest point) above the finished roof surface.

Do the flat rooflights need to be fitted with a fall to make rain water run off?

They can be installed onto flat roofs as long as the upstand/kerb detail has a minimum 3 degree pitch to allow for water run-off.

The Walk On Collection should have a 1 degree pitch.

Does the glass block the harmful UV rays of the sun?

Our standard glass specification is 32mm DGU toughened safety glass outer pane with laminated low-e coating on the inner pane and warm edge spacer. The low-e coating allows the sun’s natural heat (solar gain) to pass through the panes then the low-e coating reflects the heat gain back into the room, which is more energy efficient.

The warm edge spacer is made of an insulating plastic composite material that becomes a barrier to heat loss, keeping the edge of the unit warm, resulting in less heat loss. This is not the case with Walk-On Collection, as the glass specification is determined by the size & loading requirements.

However, you can add Solar Control to reflect the sun’s radiation and help to reduce the build-up of heat in the room below. Solar Control is highly recommended for any south facing rooflight.

What are the power and wiring requirements for the Electric options?

All our electric rooflights run on 24V DC.

We include the transformer and relevant components to operate your rooflight. The wiring diagrams needed will be sent with your rooflight. They must be wired in and signed off by a qualified electrician for your insurance purposes.

Which side will the hinges be on my rooflight?

The hinges on our rooflights are always on the width dimension (running across the fall of the roof).

Please note; our Opening Rooflights and Access Hatches can be top or bottom hung, but not side hung like a traditional vertical window

Do the rooflights come with a warranty?

Our rooflights come with a 1 year warranty as standard; you can extend this, free of charge by clicking here and registering your details.

  • Painted Surfaces – 10 years
  • Glass – 10 years*
  • Silicone Sealants – 10 years
  • Operating Gear – 12 months from date of purchase
  • Installation – 12 months from date of install

Please note: To maintain these warranties you will need to follow the instructions detailed in our Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Guide.

*Nickle Sulphide or any other inclusions in the glass that may cause a spontaneous breakage are not covered by the 10 year glass warranty.  They are an extremely rare occurrence and not covered by any of the glass manufacturers, whether the glass is Heat Soak Tested following Thermal Toughening or not.

How do I clean my rooflights?

Please refer to the O&M Guide that is delivered with your Rooflights.

Alternatively, you read our Blogs on our Product Maintenance page

Can I get my rooflight(s) in different colours?

The frames are dual colour, coated with marine grade polyester powder coating; supplied in slate grey (RAL 7015) externally and white (RAL 9010) internally, as standard.

Please note; this optional extra may affect the lead time.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are full settlement on placement of order.

We can only accept card payments for online orders, which accepts all major credit card and PayPal transactions.

Orders placed with the Estimating Team, must be paid by bank transfer.

Where can I find your Terms & Conditions?

You can download our Terms & Conditions below.