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Sliding Rooflights

Sliding Rooflight – the alternative to traditional access hatches.

For many years access hatches have been the traditional method to provide roof access. Therefore at Vision AGI our in-house experts have designed a sliding rooflight to provide a modern and elegant alternative to access hatches. Designed to be both impressive and functional. Why not view our them in situ on our Instagram.

A Vision AGI Sliding Rooflight In Situ

Providing natural ventilation – transforming your internal space.

Our sliding rooflight collection provides impressive roof access for large openings. They create both natural ventilation and light. Consequently helping transform your internal space whether in your home or workplace. If you want to find more details of the styles and sizes the information you need is here.

Industry leading rooflight design and function.

To make sure they are industry leading in design and function. Like all Vision AGI glazing solutions they excel in performance testing. We also ensure their functionality is top notch with WiFi enabled, smartphone operation as standard for everyday ease of use.

You can find full product details and technical specifications in our product support pages here

Designed to fit you ever need.

  • Thermally efficient
  • Available in up to 45 degree pitch
  • Available in all CWCT specifications from Walk On (Class 0) to fragile (Class 33)

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