Oriel Windows have actually been popular since the Edwardian era. They have remained an important addition to our homes ever since. Even so, recently the fenestration industry has seen a noticeable increase in their popularity.

Whilst the premice of these Glass Box Windows has not changed over the years, the design has evolved. They are now a stylish ‘frameless’ feature window, providing a seamless view to the beauty outside. To cleverly, bathe your home in natural light. Which can have a positive impacting on your mental and physical well being, whilst maximising your living space. Our in-house Design experts and experienced Installation Team means the Oriel Window will cope with all weather conditions. So come rain or shine, whilst creating a stand out feature on your property.

View our gallery below to see some of our impressive installations or see them in situ at our Pintrest page here

Our Oriel Windows are available in a range of designs and sizes, created to suit your specific requirements. They are designed to be both stricking and functional, exceeding the marketplace’s expectations in terms of performance and efficiency. 

Bespoke Design – to ensure they fit your needs perfectly

Whether you want to use it as a cosy reading window, or just to admire the view, our in-house Design Team will help you to realise your vision, creating a Glass Box Window that will compliement your lifestyle. Each bespoke Oriel Window is made with your requirements in mind. So they provide you with a relaxing and bright space, perfectly suited to your property.

More than a impressive design feature

Not only architecturally impressive, our Oriel Windows can also provide the ideal solution for overcoming planning restrictions and issues. Where buildings are closley over looked, like in terrace houses and privacy is a concern. An Oriel Window may be the perfect solution. By ‘blanking out’ sides you can afford yourself and your neighbours that sought after privacy, which an ordinary window doesn’t allow. This means you are more likely to be approved for a window where it may otherwise have been refused. Whether as part of a rennovation project or a new build, the Oriel style glass box window is both a practical and stylish glazing solution.

If you would like to discuss your Bespoke Oriel Windows requirements or to get a quote, please call 01223 79 22 44 or email sales@visionagi.co.uk 

Below are images of one of our recent projects that shows how Oriel Windows can extend your views and add natural light.