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Multi Panel Rooflights

Maximise natural light with our innovative bespoke Multi-Panel Rooflights

Looking for something unique?

Multi-Panel Rooflights, are ideal if you are looking for something unique then you need look no further than Vision AGI’s Bespoke Rooflights.

Perfect for large or awkward areas

Perfect for large or awkward areas, they are an innovative way to introduce contemporary architectural glazing to your roof. Bespoke in design they’ll fit perfectly to your specification and requirements.

Offering both versatility and elegance

Multi-Panel Rooflights can be infinitely long, incorporate Fixed, Opening Vent and/or Access modules, offering both versatility and elegance.

Even more customised solutions

Customised solutions can include shaped units, bespoke pitches, ridges, hips and valleys, infinite number of panes and more, that can add natural daylight to your room.

Contact our Design Team who’ll work with you to help you realise your Roof Glazing needs

Fixed Multi-panel Rooflight
Fixed Multi-Panel Skylight with 3 edge wall abutment & glass to glass joins
Bespoke L-Shape Multi-Panel Rooflight with Fixed and Opening Sections
Multi-Panel Rooflight with Fixed and Opening Sections

Glass to Glass Joints

For a virtually seamless view and modern, minimalistic design, Multi-Panel Rooflights and glass to glass structurally bonded joints could be just the ticket!

If you are interested in this design, speak to one of our Technical Specification Managers who will be able to advise you on the glass specification and/or dimensions necessary to achieve this look.

Multi-panel fixed skylight
Multi-panel fixed skylight
Bespoke Fixed Multi-Panel Skylight


When support is required for your Multi-Panel Rooflights, low profile rafters, made from powder coated steel box section can be a cost effective and subtle solution.

Available in a range of sizes you can be assured the appropriate support will be calculated for your specific requirements.

You can even choose the RAL colour of your rafters to best suit your interior design.

Fixed Multi-Panel Skylight with Glass Beams
Internal Multi-Panel Walk On with Glass Beam Supports
Bespoke Multi-Panel Walk-on Rooflight with Glass Beams

Glass Beams

The environmentally friendly but opulent glass beam is not only a unique aesthetic feature but a practical one.

They offer minimal visual interruption of your Multi-Panel Rooflights, so you can enjoy your view, whilst harnessing natural light and deflecting it around the room below.

The beams are constructed from layers of Toughened Laminated glass and can be as strong as steel when used for support. If you to make a design feature of your rooflight, the glass beam could be the perfect solution for you.

Bespoke Curved Multi-Panel Ridgelight with Electric Opening Vents & Low Profile Rafter Support (Internal View)
Electric Vent Section in Bespoke Multi-Panel Ridgelight
Multi-Panel Rooflight with Fixed and Opening Sections
Electric Opening Roof Windows

Opening & Access Insertions

Need to introduce fresh air as well as natural light to your room?

No problem. You can add Opening Vent and/or Access sections to your Multi-Panel Rooflight in either electric or manual operation.

For your added comfort the electric units also have the option of adding remote control, thermostat, rain sensor or wind/rain sensors.

Bespoke Multi-Panel Rooflight Examples

Take a look at a selection of our Bespoke Multi-Panel Rooflight projects below for inspiration for your project

If you think the Vision AGI Bespoke Multi-Panel is the perfect solution for your project, contact our Estimating Team, to start customising your design

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