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Gridshell Rooflights

Create an architectural feature rooflight with our innovative Gridshell system

Stunning lines, beautiful curves

Our Gridshell system is a revolutionary rooflight that brings together elegant curves and pin-sharp angles in beautiful symmetry.

As well as bringing an abundance of light into any interior, it creates a visual impact unlike any other rooflight.

Gridshell Rooflight Ariel View - Arcadia HQ, London
Gridshell Rooflight Interior View - Arcadia HQ, London
Gridshell Rooflight interior at Arcadia HQ, London
Gridshell Rooflight Arcadia HQ London

Arcadia Group HQ, London

Our flagship rooflight project is the Arcadia Group HQ in Oxford Street.  Within the refurbishment works for the building, we were tasked with designing, developing, engineering & installing these two magnificent gridshell rooflights.

To view more information on this project please see our Case Study page.

Gridshell Rooflight
Gridshell Rooflight
Gridshell Rooflight
Bespoke Gridshell Rooflight

Boehringer Ingelheim

A smaller project but no less impressive. The gridshell rooflight for Boehringer Ingelheim shows the versatility of the system and how it can be used in various ways.
To view more information on this project please see our Case Study page.

The premium structure of our gridshell rooflight system is made up of lengths of steel supports following gentle curves with panels of glass sitting on the diamond shape grid created by the supports.


They would make an incredible focal point to any modern structure and because of the nature of the construction, it is incredibly strong.
Coupled with self-cleaning glass, the Vision AGI Gridshell Rooflight offers an architectural feature that will be a talking point for years to come.

Examples of Previous Gridshell Rooflights

Take a look at a selection of our bespoke gridshell rooflight projects below, for inspiration on your next project.

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