Dancing on the Ceiling – Walk-On Rooflights

Oh what a feeling when we’re dancing on the ceiling!

Now if you watch the video of the classic Lionel Ritchie 80’s hit – for Lionel to dance on the ceiling they had to build a rotating set which turned as he ‘climbed’ the walls and the camera also turned upside down. Yes, this was the days before CGI when anything became possible.

But these days you don’t need a rotating set or even CGI to dance on the ceiling if that is your desire. You can walk, hop, jog and bust a move on our walk-on rooflights.

At Vision AGI, we walk across the entire spectrum of rooflight options and these include bespoke solutions. Walk-on rooflights are ideal for terraces or even basement options. But really, the only limit isn’t the sky in this case but your imagination – whether you are an architect, a home owner, a master-builder or a contractor. Continue reading »

Posted: Thursday 28th July 2016 | Author: Vision AGI Team