Slideover Fixed - Slide Opening Rooflight

Vision AGI have designed a brand-new Slideover rooflight becoming available Q1 2019. Available in Fixed and Roof versions, this elegant rooflight offers a different take on traditional roof access skylights. Read on for some pics and details.

The Slideover rooflight has been designed in-house to be flawless in functionality and beautiful in design. Both styles, Roof & Fixed, offer the following benefits;

  • Unlocks rooftop space by providing access to terrace
  • Thermally efficient
  • Secured with multiple locking points
  • Available in bespoke and larger sizes
  • Up to a 45° pitch
  • Minimum Class 2 specification in accordance with CWCT test procedures

In addition, the following optional extras are available;

  • Remote Control
  • Access Keypad
  • Rain Sensor
  • Anti-Trap Sensor
  • Universal Power Supply

Slideover Fixed

Slideover Fixed - Slide Opening Rooflight

This version offers a 50% clear opening. The opening rooflight section slides over a fixed rooflight section offering a huge amount of natural light as well as access to your roof terrace.

Slideover Roof

Slideover Roof - Slideover Fixed - Slide Opening Rooflight

Offering a 100% clear opening, the Slideover Roof features a traditional fixed rooflight style that gracefully slides away to provide access to your roof space.

Each style will available a range of standard sizes in out Rooflight Collection with bespoke sizing for larger requirements available upon request.

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