The force is with us here at VisionAGI. When it comes to reinforced architectural glass walk-on rooflights.  Skywalking never got so easy – or presented such a stylish solution when it comes to channelling light from your roof into (dare we say it?) the dark side lower levels of your home or building.

A roof garden or roof terrace area is an ideal area in which to install walk-on rooflights as you can install them without sacrificing any space – which in most roof gardens or roof terrace areas is at a premium.  VisionAGI’s seamless walk on rooflight design and installation ensures you keep your valuable outdoor space or entertaining area, while the floors below get to benefit from your access to the sky. Whether you are skywalking, or just looking up at the sky from below, a walk-on rooflight makes the most of having roof access and brings the light outside indoors.

In many urban areas we’re seeing the new trend of adding basement levels to your home instead of building upwards. Very often, getting planning permission to do this is easier than getting it to add another storey to your home, making it a more viable option for many homeowners. Perhaps you’ve read our earlier blog post where we showcased some stunning below-garden designs and their walk-on rooflights?

As usual, we’ve been busy searching for inspiration as to the most stylish and innovative use of skywalking-on rooflights – in this galaxy at least. Take a look at some of the best from around the world starting with this one in Notting Hill, London.

And following the rooflight footsteps all around the world – from Tel Aviv to Southern California – these walk-on rooflights are set to inspire and are not only an integral feature of these roof terraces but serve the double function of illuminating the areas below.

Feel the force when it comes to walk on rooflights with VisionAGI. If you want to discuss what Skywalking solutions we have for your roof terrace or garden area, contact us to talk about how we can bring your home to the light side – from above.