Our guide to how each room in your home can be enhanced by rooflights ends with the bedroom. Yes, we may not spend our waking hours in here but for most of us, our bedroom is our sanctuary and place where we re-charge and prepare for the day to come. 

Most of us dream of sleeping under the stars – even if the idea of camping doesn’t quite appeal to us. When you install a rooflight in your bedroom you can enjoy all the benefits of lying in bed and gazing at the sky without any of the down-sides of camping. And even if it starts to rain, who cares? There’s nothing like listening to the rain falling when you are tucked up warm in bed!

Naturally, if you have an attic bedroom it follows that you will be installing rooflights so they are a given for this kind of home extension. What really makes an attic space a real home enhancement is how much light you can bring in to it. Don’t be afraid to go a little bold however. Consider larger than standard rooflights that make full use of the roof space and run down closer to the floor. Not only will you bring more light into an attic bedroom but you will also create the feeling of more space. If you are considering a loft conversion why not talk to us about the best rooflight solution that maximises both available light and enhances the appearance of your home at the same time? And don’t forget the energy saving options that installing rooflights brings.


Top floor apartments are another obvious candidate for rooflights and not just in the bedroom. We love not just the rooflights in this stunning apartment in Denmark but also the use of glazing throughout. How’s that for inspiration? While this stunning penthouse bedroom has the wow factor.


If you have eaves or a vaulted ceiling in your bedroom then this opens up even more possibilities to take advantage of the space above your bed. Opening your ceiling up to the light turns a so-so bedroom into a real show-stopper – and a room where you just want to linger and spend more of your waking hours as opposed to just sleeping. Of course, it’s not just your bedroom which can benefit from the addition of rooflights. Kid’s bedrooms can too as these two stunning examples both featuring very different decor, demonstrate.

Rooflights can be as large or as compact as you need – all depending on your ceiling space of course. We love this one in this Blackheath, London home by Alan Camp Architects that effectively takes up the entire ceiling space above the bed. However, don’t underestimate the impact that smaller, more compact rooflight solutions can have.


Adding rooflights to any room in your house also adds buyer appeal if you are ever thinking of selling your home so think of a rooflight solution as a long term investment in your property and one you can enjoy every day.

As our regular readers know, any post we do would not be complete without a ‘You wish’ rooflight example. As if the view from this stunning bedroom was not enough, the addition of a rooflight means you can look directly up at the stars as well as viewing them from the window. This bedroom looks like something that Tony Stark would sleep in – and you would undoubtedly have to be a genius, billionaire, playboy/girl philanthropist to afford the view!

If you budget is somewhat more modest, don’t let that put you off. We offer affordable rooflight solutions to fit your home – and your budget. Call us or contact us to discuss and view our full range of current and bespoke rooflight solutions on our website. At VisionAGI – #wehavethevision – to bring the light into your home.