Raise the roof with Vision AGI’s range of rooflights which not only sit on the cutting edge of design but also both specification and solution with a choice of standard and bespoke sizes across all design options.

Think about how glass and the light it lets in defines not only our living and working spaces but our language too. We ‘raise the roof’ like we’ve said. We ‘Shed some light’, ‘see the light’ or ‘stand in the light’. We have ‘windows on the world’ and ‘windows of opportunity’. Vision AGI’s rooflights bring all that and more giving us a new take on the term ‘glass ceiling’ where the light floods in opening up a space we did not know we had access to.

We believe that our rooflights are not only redefining the future of interior design but exterior design too. Think about it – glass is where the interior meets the exterior world. It’s the point where the two meet and merge. Making all the light moves and opening up a whole range of  design and enlightening possibilities.

See how you can make all the light moves by browsing our full range on our site or else calling us on 01245 392 108 to discuss how we can bring the light in and raise rooflight solutions to a new level for you.