How will the snow affect your rooflight?

With snow on the horizon, we thought it an opportune time to talk about the stresses placed on rooflights and how clever construction minimises those stresses to keep the rooflight safe and secure.

Snow that settles on your rooflight applies a constant additional load. When we design our rooflights, we have to be mindful of these occasional loads which, combined with the temperature changes, can place greater strain on the glazing. Our rooflights are designed to withstand additional loads presented by snowfall and along with being strong, they are also constructed with warmth in mind.


Our standard fixed rooflights are comprised of a 6mm heat soak tested TGH outer pane, a 20mm argon filled cavity and a 6mm heat coat tested TGH Low-e inner pane. This Low-e inner pane offers much improved thermal efficiency retaining more heat within the building. There are two coating options; “hard” and “soft” with the soft coating being the more popular. Combined with the argon filled cavity, our rooflights offer a typical centre pane value of 1.2W/m2.

Our standard rooflights are all tested to withstand the elements and provide the most secure and warmest glazing options available on the market. We can also make rooflights bespoke to your specification including options for triple glazing, inner and outer frame coatings in any RAL colour and much more besides.


When installing rooflights, it’s important that they are installed with a pitch of at least 3º. This means individual water droplets will remain on the glass but it will not form pools. And this angle is all but imperceptible to the naked eye. Similarly with snow, this gentle pitch reduces the load across the rooflight in turn reducing the strain on the glazing.


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