Remote Control

£168.00 + VAT

Our range of Roof Windows & Rooflights can be easily setup to be operated via a remote control.

The wireless key fob allows the operator the convenience of opening and closing the skylight without using the standard switch.

DELIVERY: Your remote control – wireless key fob will be delivered with your rooflight.

NOTE: This is available to purchase with Electric Opening & Access Hatch Rooflights.
With Electric Opening Rooflights it can also be used with other accessories, such as; thermostat, rain sensor OR combined sensor and upstands.
Due to safety restrictions, it cannot be used with any other accessories with the Electric Access Hatch Rooflights.

If you wish to purchase any of our accessories separately, please contact our offices on 01223 79 22 44 to discuss your requirements in more detail.