Pyramid Rooflights

From £1,639.00 + VAT

Pyramid Rooflights have a stylish and contemporary design, engineered to maximise the amount of natural light.
These are popular where multiple natural light sources are required in smaller roofs and corridors; as the interior below is brighter and lighter, which adds volume to your room, giving the illusion of a more spacious environment.
They can also add a feeling of character to the design of your property.

Available in 3 options; Fixed, Manual Opening & Electric Opening.

Notes: Dimensions are external measurements.



Rooflights are installed with a supporting upstand / kerb detail. Upstands are used to keep the glazed section of the rooflight off of the roof's surface.

Electric Rooflight Accessories

Our rooflights can be easily setup to be open & closed via a remote control wireless key fob.

This sensor triggers the closing of the rooflight in rainy conditions.

The combined wind / rain sensor provides you all the benefits of the heated rain sensor with a wind sensor and temperature sensor. The rooflight is triggered to close in high winds, rainy conditions & cooler temperatures.

The thermostat is used for regulating the temperature in your room/s (the switching point can be individually set between 5-30 degrees) and will operate your rooflight accordingly.