Opening Vent Rooflights

From £1,219.00 + VAT

Opening Roof Windows – providing natural light & ventilation

Opening Roof Windows are a great way to see and feel the benefits of natural light and ventilation in your home or workplace. They can be easily installed on both flat and pitched roofs. Available in manual and electrically opening options, the Opening Roof Window offers an elegant look combined with functionality.

Although available in a large selection of standard sizes, we can also manufacture to specific dimensions, to suit your needs. The Opening Rooflights can also be integrated into a Multi-Panel Skylight system. View some of our Opening Roof Windows here.

As with all Vision AGI rooflights, our Opening Roof Windows are designed to be both aestheically pleasing and highly efficient roof glazing solutions, having exceeded the marketplace’s expectations for air & water permeability and security. See our test data and certifications here.

Bespoke rooflights – tailor made to your needs

Our in-house expertise means we can tailor make our Opening Rooflights to your individual specifications, whether it be a bespoke size or colour, without compromising on performance and efficiency. View our gallery page here to see some of our recent installations.

Enhanced functionality options – fits in with your lifestyle

To enhance functionality our Electric Opening Roof Windows come with a wall switch as standard. They have a good quality opening mechanism and factory-fitted 24v chain-driven actuators, which are completely concealed within the frame. We also have a range of additional control options for your convenience including remote control wireless key-fob, rain sensor, combined wind/rain sensor and thermostat.
The Manual Opening Roof Window is supplied with an elegant chrome and black winding pole.

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Rooflights are installed with a supporting upstand / kerb detail. Upstands are used to keep the glazed section of the rooflight off of the roof's surface.

Electric Rooflight Accessories

Our rooflights can be easily setup to be open & closed via a remote control wireless key fob.

This sensor triggers the closing of the rooflight in rainy conditions.

The combined wind / rain sensor provides you all the benefits of the heated rain sensor with a wind sensor and temperature sensor. The rooflight is triggered to close in high winds, rainy conditions & cooler temperatures.

The thermostat is used for regulating the temperature in your room/s (the switching point can be individually set between 5-30 degrees) and will operate your rooflight accordingly.