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Upstands are used to keep the glazed section of the rooflight off of the roofs surface. Current building regulations state that the upstand must protrude at least 150mm above the finished roof surface and are typically made of timber.

When ordering your Vision AGI rooflight/s you will be offered the option of being supplied with our Upstand. We would recommend that this be used as this will ensure that you have a 3 degree pitch to allow for water run-off and the correct upstand width.

With that said, of course all of our rooflights can be installed to a builder constructed upstand, either new or existing, as long as the following guidelines are adhered to:

  • Ensure the upstand is square by measuring across the diagonally opposite corners.
  • Allow for the correct pitch
  • Minimum height of the upstand is 150mm
  • Upstand width should be 100mm (including finishes)

Finally, whether Vision AGI has supplied your insulated upstand or if you have constructed it yourself, it is important you correctly instruct your roofer to dress the upstand. To ensure the correct fitting of your Vision Rooflight offer the following instruction:
The roof membrane thickness cannot exceed 10mm to the top most 100mm of the upstand. Make sure that the top face of the upstand is free from undulations that exceed 3mm.

Notes: Dimensions are external measurements.

If you wish to purchase any of our accessories separately, please contact our offices on 01223 79 22 44 to discuss your requirements in more detail.