We love the new thinking that permeating today’s most innovative architectural designs as they echo VisionAGI’s philosophy on rooflights. Aside from bringing in the light to inside space, we love rooflights because they not only let in light, but allow those within to have a closer, more immersive experience of nature.

Blending architecture, light, space and nature, can result in pure alchemy when it comes to creating new and more sympathetic environments in which we can live and work. Many architects now believe that a naturally harmonious building design results in happier residents.

One of the most striking examples of this fusion philosophy has to be the work of New Wave Architecture, a consultancy based in Tehran, Iran. They design their buildings with a view to bringing the outside in. The results are nothing less than spectacular as in their recently designed mountain home in Mosha, Iran. The home was constructed from three stacked and cantilevered prisms with each prism angled to face a different direction and each one offering a different angle and experience of the mountains from its floor-to-ceiling window. The first floor offers a view of the mountains from an indoor pool. The top floor a view of the stars from the bedroom.

The overall result was “Something more than a mere window,” New Wave co-founder Shahin Heidari explained. ‘We sought to remove the boundaries between mankind and nature, something like outer and inner integration, and motivate emotions such as joy and freedom.’

One of the questions posed to Heidari in a recent interview was this one: For people who live in homes that weren’t built with the landscape in mind, what is the best thing they can do to experience nature inside their homes? For example, add more windows and increase their size, or bring plants inside?
A: These ways you have pointed out could be a part of the idea for a project. However, your idea has to be shaped according to the project, its place, and its setting, in order to have efficient applicability. But nature is the music to humans’ souls, and designing buildings that are in harmony with nature could greatly assist our environment. In addition, it would help us to experience a joyful life, and this is what we have experienced in our previous projects.

We like to think we are on the same page as New Wave and Heidari seeing as the majority of our rooflight solutions are installed in existing homes that may not have been built with taking advantage of the landscape in mind. But our ideas too are shaped according to each individual project, its location and setting. Just take a look at our case studies for examples of this. Of course, we are always happy to work with you in designing the perfect alchemical mix of architectural glass and nature whether it is an existing or a new building. Naturally and in harmony with your environment.

For more information on New Wave Architecture please visit: http://www.newwavearchitecture.com/main.htm