Lantern Rooflight

The Beast from the East has been and gone but the snow and rain may have left its mark on your rooflight!

You could find your once clear view, is now spoilt by water staining!  This not only dampens the WOW factor, it will also reduce the amount of natural light in your home.

While it may be easy to ignore mucky overhead glazing for a while, cleaning them will pay dividends, so get ready for Spring by dedicating a little time to giving your Rooflights a good clean now!

The right tools

The right tools for the job - dish soap, bucket, soft sponge, chamois and squeegee.

The key to getting any job done well is having the right tools. They don’t need to be expensive. We recommend purchasing a simple soft sponge and a wash-leather (chamois) or for the clearest results a rubber wiper blade (or squeegee).

You need only use a mild soap and warm water to clean your rooflight. Never use abrasives or chemical cleaners as these could damage the glass and the surrounding glazing seals.

Oh, and you will want a bucket!

How to clean

Cleaning your rooflight

First things first, you MUST make sure your rooflight is cool. We never recommend cleaning a hot rooflight as this can cause the soapy water to dry on the surface leaving residue that can be difficult to remove.

Start by rinsing your rooflight with cool clear water to remove any debris and particles from the surface of the glass. This stops any abrasion occurring when you get to the cleaning stage (top tip for cleaning your car as well!)

Next, apply warm soapy (but not overly soapy) water to the glass using your sponge. Gently clean the glass concentrating on any larger buildups of dirt.

Once clean, rinse the rooflight once more with clear water removing any suds.

Finally, if using a chamois, dry the glass making sure to regularly wring the chamois. If using a rubber blade, start at the highest point on the rooflight and draw the blade across and down the glass (being careful that none of the metal parts touch the glass) leaving a clear finish!

When to clean

Your rooflight, as with any glazing in your home, should be cleaned regularly. The location and orientation of the rooflight will ultimately dictate how often you need to clean. When first installed we recommend cleaning once a month until you find a routine that suits. Regular cleaning will reduce limescale staining from rainwater and helps to keep your investment looking great.

Want to clean your rooflight less often?

Ritec ClearShield

If your rooflight is in a hard to reach location and regular cleaning would be too burdensome, there are alternatives.

Ritec ClearShield is a coating that gets applied to the outer pane of glass which greatly reduces friction on the surface of the glass. It essentially fills in the microscopic pits in the surface of the glass to leave a totally smooth finish. This aids water run off which means means it will slough off of the glass taking debris with it. This greatly reduces the amount of cleaning you will need to do.

If you didn’t order your rooflight with the optional extra of Ritec Clearshield, or if your rooflight is well established and you think it may be less effective than it once was, simply call our Sales Team on 01223 79 22 44 or contact us by completing the form on our contact page and we will come to site and re-apply it! This is a cost effective service, which can be completed quickly with your rooflight in situ and will save you time cleaning in the future!