Eddie Wells, Director

In this series of blog posts we introduce you to our incredible team who dedicate their time to making our rooflights magnificent! This time we present our Director, Eddie Wells.

Introducing our MD, Eddie Wells!

Eddie started out in the glazing industry as a Curtain Walling Fixer’s Mate, fresh from school at 16. It was soon realised Eddie had a natural talent within the industry and was quickly promoted to the position of Fixer, but that wasn’t enough for Eddie, who at just 19 years old started his first business, Vision Architectural Glazing Installations, which at its peak employed over 70 installers and installed around £8M of project value per year!

In 2000, Eddie incorporated the Company and moved into design, supply and install of commercial curtain walling and we are pleased to say Vision Architectural Glazing Installations is still going strong to this day!

During this time, Eddie noted there was a need in the rapidly growing rooflight market for a more thermally efficient system, so in 2011, employing his skills and knowledge from his commercial business he set about developing and testing a new rooflight system.

The suite of rooflights were launched in 2013 and was immediately well received. The next year the rooflight division was annexed off from the commercial business and Vision AGI Limited has been steadily growing ever since, providing a one stop shop for high specification rooflights, roof-glazing and small works structural glazing solutions.

Despite his passion and dedication for his Companies and employees, Eddie still manages to find time to attend the gym regularly. Essentially though, Eddie is a family man, enjoying nothing more than heading off to the sun or slopes with his wife and two children!