Charley Northwood, Sales & Marketing Manager

In this series of blog posts we introduce you to our wonderful team members whose love of rooflights make our products so amazing! This time we present our Sales & Marketing Manager, Charley Northwood.

Introducing our Sales & Marketing Manager, Charley Northwood

Charley has been with Vision AGI pretty much since it started and she loves her job! She has qualifications in Sales, Marketing and Fitness but has now truly found her feet with Vision AGI!

She started off as a one man band in the Sales department but now manages a team of three and has recently taken on the role of marketing for the company.

Charley really is an ambassador for Vision AGI and if you want to know why you should do business with them, she will happily tell you!

Outside of work, you may be forgiven for thinking Charley is Dr Doolittle, as she spends most of her time spoiling her little zoo (most of whom are adopted/rescued). She currently has nine pets, but is always looking to sneak more in to the brood when her boyfriend, Chaz, is not looking! She is passionate about Animal Welfare and hopes to do a dog-training course, specialising in the so-called ‘dangerous’ breeds.

She and Chaz also like to travel and always have an exciting new experience on the horizon.