Basque-Health-Headquarters_1When it comes to architectural glass solutions, what’s letting in the light this week?

As usual here at VisionAGI we’ve found lots to be excited about. What we love is seeing inspiring work and creative use of architectural glass solutions. No matter where the projects are or who is doing them. Innovation is contagious.

When we say ‘architecture’ most people immediately visualise buildings constructed of bricks and mortar. But glass is leading the way as an architectural building material, when it comes to design innovation and beauty.  Glass can drive the design of the entire structure as in perhaps one of the most cutting edge and famous uses of architectural glass which is the Basque Health Department building in Bilbao designed by architects Coll-Barreu.

Glass opens up a building to the outside environment while controlling that of the interior one. Perhaps that is why we are becoming aware of its increased flexibility and design flow which makes glass an organic solution.

Architectural glass can be design-rich, cutting edge and contemporary when using sheer lines and as in our own work on a private residence in Mayfair where the glass panes were structurally bonded without mechanical fixings to create a seamless window to the sky and bathe the interior with uninterrupted light. You can take a look at the entire project here:



As for people who live in glass houses – perhaps the most famous one of all is the Glass House or Johnson House at 798-856 Ponus Ridge Road in New Canaan, Connecticut. Designed in 1949 by Phillip Johnson the house is a perfect example of the early use of architectural glass in home design. Needless to say – the house is hidden from the road and not overlooked by neighbours and today is a museum.



When it comes to modern day glass houses, San Diego architect Wallace E Cunningham designed the Razor Residence – a Tony Stark inspired home fit for a billionaire or superhero, where iron is most decidedly absent and glass rules.




As for us here at VisionAGI, we can make your vision for using architectural glass and rooflights in new and innovative ways, a reality – whether it is an entire building or home or just opening up a way to let more light into your environment.

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