What’s inspiring us this week when it comes to rooflight solutions?

The proposed mall of the World – the world’s first climate controlled city in Dubai. The rooflight solution has us dancing on the ceiling with excitement due to it having pushed glass technology to the limits to answer specific challenges – namely climate control in an environment which reaches 40+ celsius by day and drops to below 12 degrees by night. It’s more than a mirage – it is the science of glass innovation as the project calls for the use of glass on a truly unbelievable scale.

The Mall of the World will stretch not only the imagination but the use of glass in cutting edge architectural projects to the limit. But what is the limit? Clearly the sky as the mall will contain the largest theme park in the world which will be covered by a glass dome that can be opened during the winter months. Using glass on this scale especially in a desert location, has challenged both architects and planners in the past due to environmental issues – how to control the climate within being the main one and how the glass behaves in extreme temperatures another.

The mall will occupy a space of 40 million square feet – it will house 33 roads and have its own transit system because how else will you get around? The final pane of glass is scheduled to be put into place in four years’ time. Will this be “a retractable glass dome worthy of Kubla Khan”? We will just have to wait until 2020 to find out.

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