When homeowners need to add additional dining space or increase their living areas, extending rather than moving home has become increasingly popular, this recent report from Hiscox Insurance shows trends in UK home extensions. Whether that be kitchen extensions or living area extensions, (obviously after getting planning permission) house extensions are frequently flat roof extensions, and they lend themselves to the inclusion of rooflights and structural glazing with impact on planning and/or permitted development. Which helps homeowners combine their ideas for extensions and enable them to let in as much natural light as possible through the flat roof extension. This means that that open plan space is flooded with natural light as are rooms beyond, sometimes those of the original building.

Many Homeowners also opt to enhance, say a dining area, with Folding Sliding Doors or add a Multi-Panel Skylight, split to marry perfectly with the doors beneath. If you are building a kitchen diner extension that will be frequently used for cooking eating, Opening Rooflights are great for increased ventilation, especially during the colder months, when the remote control can be used when leaving the doors open is not an option.

Ideas for flat roof extensions

Whether large or small, flat roof extensions will benefit from the clever use of well proportioned rooflights.

The versatile Fixed Skylight is a cost effective way of adding natural light to the new space below or opt for an Opening Rooflight for extra ventilation.

For larger or more bespoke requirements, shaped or multi-panel rooflights are not only practical but can elevate the over look of the finished room.

Why not makes use of your flat roof area as a Roof Terrace/Garden? Gain easy access to this oasis by installing an Access Hatch or a state-of-the-art Sliding Rooflight

Combining Glass Beams with the Multi-Panel Skylight deflects beams of light around the room creating a calming ambience for you to enjoy.

Why not take a look at our case studies or gallery which have real life examples of our rooflights and other glazing solutions.

Use Lantern Rooflights to provide daylight from all angles
Use Sliding Rooflights to give greater access to roof terraces
Rooflights with Glass Beams can fill your home with uninterrupted light

In line with an increased appreciation for the outdoors and the benefits we reap from it, we also see a rise in the requirement for Glass Box Extensions.

Glass Box Extensions

Structural Glass Box Extensions

Seamlessly integrating indoor life with the outdoor world, Structural Glass Box Extensions are a modern way of allowing an abundance of light to fill any home or workspace.

Installing Glass Beam Supports is not only functional but visually impressive.

If you’re looking to maximise the natural light even further allowing light that would normally be obstructed by traditional construction methods to shine through. Why not take a look at our case studies or gallery which have real life examples of our rooflights and other glazing solutions.

Frameless Structural Glazing

Using frameless structural glazing combined with large glass sliding doors can create a stunning abundance of natural light to a home’s ground floor living or dining spaces.

Which is why using frameless structural glazing can help make a real difference.

Frameless structural glazing is just one of the many ways in which Vision AGI products can help you to maximise natural light that’s normally obstructed by traditional construction methods. You can see more solutions in our case studies or gallery which which have real life examples.

Kitchen and Dining Room Inspiration

Electric Opening Rooflights

With an Electric Opening Rooflights over a cooking area of a kitchen, you not only shed more light on the work surfaces, make it safer to create culinary feasts and provide ventilation at the flick of a switch, so cooking smells and steam can be easily extracted.

Opening Rooflights are a great way to achieve both light and fresh air.

Kitchens and dining rooms are often the social hub of a home, whether you’re eating with the family around the kitchen island or socialising with friends discussing their kitchen extension ideas, it’s much more comfortable and friendly, with plenty of natural light and ventilation.

Frameless Lantern Rooflights

Would you like to eat under the stars at your dining table with your friends & family, and not worry about weather, with our innovative Frameless Lantern Rooflights you can!

A Frameless Lantern Rooflight or Pyramid Rooflight,can add a real WOW! factor.

They are not only eye-catching, but create the illusion of spaciousness, reflecting light all around the room during lunch time catch ups. Installing LED lights around the base of the Roof Lantern or Pyramid Rooflight will make it a talking point at any dinner party or social evening occasions. You can see more solutions in our case studies or gallery which which have real life examples.


Living Room Inspiration



The Living Room is an area we like to relax and unwind either individually or with family and friends. Often this room will have the best view from the property, why not include structural glazing and rooflight solutions providing the freedom of the outside, with the comfort and security of the inside.

Fixed Skylights are a versatile and useful solution for living spaces, where ventilation or access is not so important.

They can be shaped or part of a modular Multi-Panel Rooflight system meaning they can be infinitely long and even travel around corners.

With this type of flexibility, they are sure to be an impressive design feature in any home.



Bathroom Inspiration

Another room that really benefits from extra natural light and fresh air is the bathroom. This hot and steamy (and sometimes smelly) space lends itself well to an Opening Rooflight providing that much needed source of ventilation.

Often with small windows due to concerns of being overlooked, bathrooms are often dull and stuffy rooms but a bathroom is a place you should be able to relax. It needs to be clean, light and airy, whilst keeping your privates, private.




If being overlooked from above is a concern, you can use opaque glass in the Opening Rooflight. With different levels of opacity, it is easy to strike the perfect balance between light transmittance and privacy.


Roof Terrace/Garden Inspiration

Roof Terraces or Roof Gardens are popular in cities, where land is a premium,  providing a calm oasis away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

By adding a Sliding Rooflight or Access Hatch Window, you can easily unlock roof space, adding both a new dimension and value to a property.

Looking for stylish yet convenient roof terrace or garden access?

If you are restricted by listed building constraints, and want to create the perfect portal to a roof garden or re-define your roof space with bespoke rooflight designs.

We’ve provided innovative rooflight solutions, working with builders and homeowners for glazing ,solutions that help make the most of properties where space is at a premium.