You need more space but a new extension could block your neighbour’s view and ingress of natural light, making planning permissions tenuous…

But moving may not appeal either if your home holds sentimental value or is ideally located for friends, family, schools and commuting.

Fear not! Glass can provide the most innovative solutions to what appears to be the most unsolvable problems and structural glazing, unlike many conventional building materials, allows for the creation of real design statement solutions with the total WOW factor

Improve everyone’s view with glass

There is a lasting appeal to homes with plenty of light; we tend to think of bright well lit ‘homes’ as more desirable than ‘houses’ that are starved of light. 

It is only natural for us to gravitate towards natural light; the benefits of which are well documented [INSERT LINK TO BLOG ON NATURAL LIGHT] but we are often put off adding glass rooms to our homes by the memory of freezing cold winters and stifling hot summer temperatures inside a traditional conservatory.

However, today’s specialised glazing offers much improved thermal performance, helping to stabilise the internal temperature of your glass box extension [LINK]. This means better environmental efficiency and energy cost savings as you’re less reliant on artificial light and heat in the darker months and you can benefit in the Spring/Summer from more natural daylight without the suffocating heat.

In today’s world, building a glazed extension is a great, environmentally friendly and innovative solution to increasing space, with the added enhancement of being able to create something truly unique. 

Utilising glass as your primary material for an extension to a period property can be more sympathetic than a traditional style of extension. Although each area is different we have found that Conservation Officers can often be more sympathetic to designs where there is a visible difference between the original building and the modern glass extension.

Why not browse through our Clients’ Case Studies to see examples of this approach in real life.


A Glazed Side Return Kitchen Extension makes the most of narrow spaces
Oriel Windows ideal when planning is restricted providing more daylight 
A Structural Glass Box integrates indoor life with the outdoor world


Imagine the extra dimension a Glazed Side Return Kitchen Extension would make if you only had a narrow space to extend into. It could turn a potentially dark space into the social hub of your home not just place to eat


Oriel Windows – more than a impressive design feature they can provide the ideal solution for overcoming planning restrictions and issues e.g. if buildings are closely over looked or terrace houses and privacy is a concern


Adding a Glazed Extension to your home is not only functional but visually impressive it means you can maximise the natural light, so light that would normally be obstructed by traditional construction methods shines through


Whether you want to bring outdoor living indoors, maximise your view or extend existing living space, Vision AGI will work closely with you and your Architect to incorporate innovative and efficient glazing into your home but in the meantime, for more inspiration please visit our case studies.

Or if you’re ready to find out how glazing can extend your home, Call Vision AGI let us see how we can help create that light-filled extension in your home.