Rooflight & Structural Glazing Ideas for Architects 

Your client has been thinking about undertaking this project for a while and has probably come across our Pinterest page which has some great Glazing Ideas for Architects.

Now your client has seen some of amazing bespoke projects incorporating our rooflights: Fixed Skylights, Pyramid Lantern Rooflights or Sliding Rooflights to name just a few, they now want to add that little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to their project.

Fear not, our experienced Team at Vision AGI can advise on the specification and design for the perfect solution, to make their dream a reality.

We pride ourselves on making our roof glazing fit your needs, as opposed to adjusting your vision to fit our rooflights. We use CAD drawings, to make sure the end results are just as impressive as your initial vision. Once you’re happy our Operations Team makes sure your rooflight is manufactured, delivered and installed in a timely and professional manner.

No need to take our word for it, please visit our Testimonials page to hear from architects, contractors and property owners about their experiences with Vision AGI

Single Storey Extensions

Bespoke home extensions can be a cost effective solution to add functional, well designed space to the original footprint of a property but due to planning permissions, it can often mean that the design needs to be innovative to overcome limitations.

One easy solution is the the single storey rear extension. This type of flat roof extension is arguably the most popular choice, which is in part due to rear extensions tending to have the least amount of red-tape associated with them. In most instances you should be able to build a single storey extension of up to four metres for a detached house, or three metres for all other types of house, without needing planning permission.

Single storey extensions can be used in many ways and are a great opportunity to create distinct and separate zones for cooking, dining and relaxing, which clever roof glazing can only enhance. 

However, this humble extension built onto the back of the existing house will starve the rooms beyond of natural light and ventilation as the previous windows and doors become obsolete, so it is extremely important to incorporate a good amount of structural/roof glazing into the design.

Born of the Fixed Skylight, the Multi-Panel Skylight is the most versatile of our rooflight systems

These modular systems are a flexible, cost effective solution. They can be infinitely long, shaped and even travel around corners, meaning they will slot in nicely to pretty much any design.


The Multi-Panel Skylights are also a great way to spotlight the focal point of a room by using natural light to draw attention to your creativity

If the flat roof extension is intended to host a Dining area, a Frameless Pyramid or Lantern Rooflight could be just the ticket.

Giving the illusion of extra height and deflecting natural light all around the room, this virtually seamless connection between the inside and outside world is sure to be a talking point for years to come

Frameless Pyramid Rooflight


New Build Architectural Designs

The great thing with a new build project, is that you have carte blanche to create an practical living space without compromising on style. Incorporating structural and/or Rooflights is key to modern architectural design and with clever placement,  you can enhance the layout of your new build project, harnessing the sun’s natural light to highlight key areas, throughout the course of the day. 

Sliding Rooflights

Most commonly used for access purposes our Sliding Rooflight Range has made a strong impact on the Sliding Roolight Market since its launch in 2019.

Fully tested, SMART enabled and available at larger sizes without a cost premium, this range can offer your project so much more than just access.

Installed above an indoor swimming pool, the Sliding Rooflight allows the user to enjoy the water  all year round, without compromising on the outdoor experience on hot summer days and even improves carbon footprint by reducing the need for artifical heating

If your client practices a religion that partakes in the custom of fasting from Sunrise to Sunset or  banishes the use of electricity during designated periods, then a Sliding Rooflight could be a very welcome addition to their home. The open Sliding Rooflight enables people to dine under the starts without comprimising comfort and also maximises light from the night sky when artifical light is not appropriate 


Frameless structural glazing combined with large glass sliding doors

Frameless Structural Glazing

Frameless structural glazing is a great way to open up smaller areas and create a seamless flow from home to garden, making the most of the views beyond.

Structural glazing marries perfectly with Rooflights maximising your project’s natural illumination, often obstructed by traditional construction methods, whilst adding value and style to a property.

See some of recent work on our Case Studies and Gallery pages for more inspiration 



Walk On Glass Floors

Completely safe, Walk On Glass Floors are a great solution for bringing light into basement/under ground areas, where the traditional window is not possible or as a design feature to highlight something below like a wine cellar, swimming pool or fancy vehicle.

Available for both External or Internal use, even shaped or part or a modular system, our Glass Floors will slot in perfectly with any project. Often making an otherwise unsuable space part of the home, Glass Floors can increase property value and saleability, as well as being a talking point amongst guests for years to come 

Bespoke Multi-panel rooflight with fixed and opening sections

Bespoke Glazed Link & Ridgelight Rooflights

Maybe your new build project is an additon to an existing property where a seperate living space is required but an extension may not be the right fit.

Ideal for joing two buildings, the Glazed Link is a truly bespoke design, created specifically with the needs of your project in mind.

It may simply be an internal passage way between two buildings or it could be designed as extra indoor space, to work, rest or play with friends and family.

The Multi-Panel Skylight system is ideal for glass links between buildings or as a ‘Lean To Style’ glazed roof. Ideal for covering large areas, without exponentially affecting the cost, Bespoke Multi-Panel Rooflights are sure to be an impressive and budget friendly design feature in any home.



Full Home Renovations 

Home renovation is a good opportunity to make a decent amount of equity, on an outdated property, if imagination allows. Older properties usually have limited windows as the value of natural light and uninteruppted were not as well appreciated as they are today.

Simply adding Structural or Roof Glazing, transforms the look of a room and the functionality of a home. Clever glazing can creates features out of normally dark ceilings, making them sources of light. The use of Oriel Windows and folding sliding doors provides views out to the landscape beyond, thus bringing nature into your interior design.

Using innovations like Fixed Skylights or Bespoke Multi-Panels can allow for extra natural light without heating inefficiencies and when supported with Glass Beams, the effect is  stunning, as they deflect light around the room and provide a seamless view of the skyscape.


This tiny kitchen with patterned glass windows and doors was uninviting and inpractical, resulting in the social hub of the home being closed off from the garden outside and feeling unwelcoming






By adding a flat roof extension, with open plan interior design the space issue was immediately resolved but it’s the addition of the Glass Beam Multi-Panel and Fixed Sklights that really transform this space into a light, airy and inviting space that friends and family can’t wait to spend time in.

A year or two after thie installation took place, the client recognised the need for more ventilation in this area, especially during the colder months, when the doors couldn’t be wide open. Happy with the rooflights and service they had received from Vision AGI, they contacted us to replace one of the Fixed Skylights with an Electric Opening Rooflight, making this space work for the family all year round

To see more photos of this amazing transormation, please visit the Summer Lee Avenue project in our Gallery 

Roof Terrace/Garden Inspiration

Looking for stylish yet convenient roof terrace or garden access?

Becoming more and more popular throughout cities worldwide, where land is a premium, homes and business have been unlocking the roof space providing a calm oasis away from the hustle and bustle of city life and often providing the best views of the skyscape. 

However, there is more to consider for the Roof Terrace than just a few sun loungers and plants. Most importantly, how will you gain access..?

By adding a Sliding Rooflight or Access Hatch, you can easily unlock roof space, adding both a new dimension and value to a property.

  Intended for less regular use and available in limited sizes the hinged Access Hatch is a cost effective access solution, ideal where space is a little tight.

Available as both an Electric or Manual operation, these fully tested rooflights are thermally efficient and easy to install.

With the lid opening to 70° these Hatches make outdoor living easily obtainable without compromising on style.

For regular access and larger areas our SMART Sliding Rooflights offer state-of- the-art technology and premium performance.

An elegant alternative to the traditional Access Hatch, The Sliding Rooflight is designed by our in-house experts to be both impressive and functional in the modern world. 

These Sliding Rooflights excel on performance testing and with their WiFi enabled, SMART phone operation, whilst remaining competitively prices, they find themselves at the head of the Rooflight Market certain to be a talking point in any home.


If your property is in a built up area, not only is space a premium but the high rise landscape also blocks natural light.

Unlocking your roof space gives you the perfect opportunity to add more light to the rooms below by introducing Walk On Glass Floors.

Fairly versatile, these Glass Floors can be shaped to suit your project perfectly and with the option to add anti-slip finish (recommended) and diffused interlayers to the glass you can be assured of their safety, as well as your privacy, should it be required 

Not only is this an impressive design feature and talking point amongst visitors, it will change the quality of life for those within, as it floods natural light into the home.

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