Inspiration for your home

Inspired Use Of Rooflight In A Home

The only limitation is your imagination

They often say with inspiration, the only limitation is your imagination, However, in reality it often comes too late and or never at all.

Create inspired designs for your own project

At Vision AGI, we believe that seeing what others have achieved through innovative design, can be just the trigger you need to create inspired designs for your own project.

Improve wellbeing in your home with natural light and air

Adding innovative design can improve wellbeing in your home with the benefits that natural light and air bring. There are many creative and decorative tips and tricks one can adopt to give a sense of space in a home. But, making use of natural light from installed windows and skylights can be the only real way to truly create a sense of extra space in your home.

Inspiration can bring out the best in your home

Whether you have large rooms or smaller areas if you are looking for a little inspiration to bring out the best of your home. See our Inspiration for Homeowners & Builders for more details


Inspiration for your work place

Innovative Commercial Galzing Adding Natural Light

Improve the efficiency and safety of your work force

As an employer you can improve efficiency and safety of your work force. By introducing more natural light to their working environment.

Changes to how buildings are being used for business

In light of recent events. There have been significant changes to the way in which buildings are being used for business and the working environment. The days of workers being stuck in a dimly lit workspace. Counting down the minutes and feeling more and more drained as the day goes on are coming to an end.

Stopping negative effects on staff productivity

With more and more staff having experienced a different approach to the working environment. A lack of natural light can drain staffs mental energy that and have a negative effect on them. Productivity can suffer and its reduction can be linked back to a lack of natural light. See our Inspiration for Architects for more details