When it comes to country living no other repurposed buildings lend themselves better to innovative rooflight solutions than barn conversions. Due to their size and structure, barns allow for incredible scope when it comes to letting in the light. Artisan tradition and modern architectural solutions can be fused seamlessly to create a living or working space which harmonises perfectly with the outdoor environment. As walls and ceilings are opened up letting in the light, original purpose aligns with new potential. Barn conversions open up so many possibilities when it comes to creative use of glazing and rooflight solutions. For inspiration, take a look at some of the best examples we’ve found on the web right here.

Bickleigh Barn was a former shippen (cow barn). The original hayloft lent itself beautifully to opening it up to the sky. Thanks to some truly beautiful carpentry work and placing of rooflight solutions, the barn has been converted into a truly breathtaking holiday let and pool house. Take a look!


Need more inspiration? Jon Ray Building conceived this bright sunroom complete with bar was added to an already converted barn allowing the light to stream in via rooflights installed in a slated catslide roof.


If you’re thinking of buying a disused farm building to convert into a home, then the sheer size of the building itself translates into a massive roof space which can be creativity utilised to flood the interior with light. Not only that, aside from the sheer scope of inspiration a former barn provides you, it could turn into a good investment as this article proves:


But while we’re on the subject of barns – let’s not forget what they were originally intended for. Buildings that are designed for equestrian use lend themselves perfectly to roof light enhancements. Especially if you have an American style barn or even an indoor riding arena. From the purely practical to the truly breathtaking – rooflights in a stable or barn complex or an indoor riding arena save on energy consumption and when used where horses are kept, allow the horse’s natural diurnal rhythm to remain unchanged.


Stork Nest Farm outside of Prague features this amazing indoor arena designed by SGL Projekt which from the outside looks like a bird’s nest but inside the true beauty of the rooflight design is revealed.


The rooflights in this arena for Team GB dressage rider Fiona Bigwood floods the arena surface with light and its design gives the feel of riding in the open air.



Rooflights can enhance any building used for any purpose. The only restriction is your imagination! We are happy to work with you, your architect and/or builder in coming up with the perfect rooflight solution for you – whether in the planning stages or for an existing building. Take it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Bickleigh Barn architects: http://www.roderickjamesarchitects.co.uk/


Jon Ray Building: http://www.jonraybuilding.co.uk/

For more on Stork Nest Farm: Find Details About Rehabilitated Stork Nest Farm Here

SGL Projekt: http://www.sglprojekt.cz/projects.php?catid=12&id=61