Fixed Multi-panel walk-on rooflight, fixed multi-panel skylight and glass balustrade

Vision AGI’s rooflight collection encompasses all types of rooflight – from our standard range through to bespoke solutions. When it comes to architectural glazing rooflights and your living space, here’s our easy guide to the many rooflight options we offer to help you choose the most light-fantastic rooflight solution for your home!

Framed Rooflights: Every great work of art deserves the perfect frame. And your home is a work of living art after all! A framed rooflight is one of the most popular and versatile styles of rooflight. It is also a cost-effective option allowing you to achieve maximum impact for your investment. Framed rooflights come in all kinds of options, sizes and styles and we offer an extensive range of standard framed rooflights – or can design one that provides you with the ideal frame to the sky above! For more examples of framed rooflights, click here:

Frameless: Now you see it! Frameless rooflights provide the perfect optical illusion and a clear vision. The glass in a frameless rooflight is structurally bonded together allowing the glass to be self-supporting within the structure of the rooflight without any need for framing and extra support. The effect can be dramatic to say the least. If you are seeking the real ‘wow’ factor – especially if you want to open up the ceiling in a dark area or room, then a frameless rooflight is your ideal solution. See more examples out of the frame here:

Glass Beam Supported: Large rooflight space but you don’t like the idea of a metal frame? Glass beams (which are also known as ‘fins’) are a tough as metal supports. They are constructed from layers of toughened glass which are then bonded together. They are usually attached then to a stainless steel shoe support. The result allows the structural support a large rooflight requires but without the need for extensive metal framing. Glass beam supported rooflights are not only aesthetically pleasing but also add #lightscaping style and dramatic flair to your open roofspace.  View our gallery here:

Point Fixed: Point fixed rooflights utilise totally transparent structural glass solutions with stainless steel fitting to secure them in place. They are perfect for atrium spaces especially in commercial properties. We offer many different options when it comes to spider arms and bolt systems to secure them in place.

Walk-On: Walk on rooflights are perfect for flat roof terraces, roof gardens or even basement areas where you want to bring in the light. Walk on glazing means no compromising your above-room space – important when you have a roof garden or terrace, and in the case of basements, can fuse seamlessly with your outdoor area – even your lawn! Don’t forget that walk-on rooflights can also be installed internally in your home where you have a cellar or basement under an existing floor to channel light down from the room above.

Rooflights not only bring a better quality of light into your home than vertical windows, but they add to the quality of your life – and the value of your home. Plus there is the energy saving aspect that is built in with all Vision AGI rooflight glazing solutions.

Inspired or still undecided? Here at Vision AGI we love to talk rooflights so why not give us an obligation free call or send us a contact request and we’ll call you. Browse our case studies on line for more examples of rooflights put to dynamic and effective use is both home and business environments. When it comes to rooflights, there’s a reason why here at Vision AGI we say #wehavethevision.