Bespoke Multi-panel rooflight with fixed and opening sections

There are many creative and decorative tips and tricks one can adopt to give a sense of space in a home but many of these solutions are temporary, some only create an illusion and if not well executed can be costly and ineffective.
The only real way to truly create a sense of extra space in your home is to make use of natural light by installing windows and skylights; even if your house has many large open spaces you may still have a few smaller rooms which may need a little inspiration to bring out the best of the space.

Tip #1

So the first tip is to seek out those dark spaces and get a well-placed skylight. Skylights work especially well in bathrooms void of natural light or in small corridors (assuming they have an outside wall or roof). When you encourage natural light into smaller rooms it disperses in a more random way than artificial light and the shadows created aren’t as harsh or as obvious. This helps create the illusion of extra space and provides great light to get a flawless foundation blend or a sharper shave!

Tip #2

Another place to consider a skylight is in your entertaining spaces. A dramatic skylight can be quite the focal point and can direct the eye towards an outside view thereby immediately creating a sense of space. A skylight in dining and entertaining spaces also offers a more luxurious, ethereal and stately feel to your dinner parties.

Tip #3

If you already have skylights and roof windows installed then you need to enhance their effectiveness by doing two very simple things. Firstly; make sure they’re clean! A clean window or skylight lets the natural light flow unobstructed into your home. This doesn’t distract the eye or dim the natural effect of the light (to find out how to effectively clean your skylight click here). And secondly; use mirrors to reflect the light further into your rooms to really help push that natural light all around your home and feel the full benefits of your skylight.

Tip #4

If you are after some drastic changes to make your house bigger then one option to consider is to extend into the loft. The only way you will get natural light into a loft room is to install some great skylights since it would be ludicrous to think you would have a room up there without any windows. Another thing to consider if you extend into the loft is the heat build up in the top of the house so choose your skylight carefully to make sure you can open and close it easily to regulate the temperature of the room.

Skylights and roof windows can have significant long term benefits to your home. Our stock collection of rooflights can be purchased easily and installed with minimum fuss, making sure you get the maximum benefits out of your living spaces.