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New Visions for Your Home: The Beauty of Bifolds

Posted: Wednesday 15th November 2017 | Author: Vision AGI Team

These days, no renovation, extension or home improvement project is complete without featuring glazing in some way. Adding more light goes hand-in-hand with the desire for more space. Whether you’re seeking to extend your present living space, or just discover ways to open up your existing one, then incorporating bi-fold doors into your vision could be the answer. Continue reading »

The Latest Trends in Glazing for Your Home

Posted: Friday 3rd November 2017 | Author: Vision AGI Team

When it comes to architecture and home improvement, one trend remains timeless and that’s glazing. Light never goes out of style and finding ways to bring more of it into your home transcends mere ‘trend’ and offers lastings benefits besides. Continue reading »

Transparent by Design: Living with Glazed Extensions

Posted: Monday 23rd October 2017 | Author: Vision AGI Team

The whole point of adding rooflights or a glazed extension to your home, is not just to be able to enjoy all that extra light. It’s also about enjoying more open space as dark areas open up to the light. And in the case of an extension,  enjoying the feeling of the outdoors  year round and quite literally from the comfort of your own home. Continue reading »

Hills road exterior shot

More Light By Design: Planning Your Contemporary Extension

Posted: Friday 22nd September 2017 | Author: Vision AGI Team

Once upon a time, if you were thinking of extending your home, this involved a process of sourcing identical materials to those used in your main dwelling. Extensions were designed to be carbon copies of everything – from bricks to a similar pitch on the extension roof. Nowadays however, contemporary and contrasting extensions utilising modern structural glazing, have opened up a wealth of possibilities for homeowners looking to extend. Even those with period properties. Continue reading »