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Rooflights PAS 24 Testing

Posted: Friday 29th January 2021 | Author: Vision AGI Team

Here is filmed footage of our rooflights under going PAS 24 testing. They, of course, passed with flying colours. Not only that, but they were so secure that we asked the tester to keep going well beyond the 3 minute test limit… See what happened in the video below.

If you like what you see, why not take a look at our Rooflight Collection or contact the team for something more bespoke.

Bespoke Multi-Panel Walk-on Rooflight with Glass Beams

Our Bespoke Multi-Panel Rooflights

Posted: Monday 22nd January 2018 | Author: Vision AGI Team

Maximise your natural light with our truly bespoke Rooflight Multi-Panel solutions, with so many options to suit every individual and every room, the only limitation is your imagination.

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Walk-On Rooflights

Our Walk-on Rooflights / Floorlights

Posted: Monday 15th January 2018 | Author: Vision AGI Team

Our walk-on Rooflights and Floorlights are beautifully engineered, flush and bespoke fitting glass panels that maintain the function of the roof or floor whilst allowing for illumination of the room below.

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Our Fixed Skylights

Posted: Monday 8th January 2018 | Author: Vision AGI Team

The most simplistic and minimal of our range, the fixed skylight allows a room to be transformed through the addition of natural light, giving an open and contemporary feel.

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