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Bespoke Circular Rooflight

Yaffles – bespoke circular, fixed and access hatch rooflights.

Posted: Thursday 15th November 2018 | Author: Vision AGI Team

We have recently completed a project for a client with a number of different rooflights; some standard fixed skylights, a bespoke circular rooflight and an access hatch roof window. They also wanted each rooflight to be triple glazed.

The professional pictures will be here in the new year but we wanted to share a little detail about the project and the pics taken shortly after installation.

Our client had requested a perfectly circular rooflight which was to fit in an upstand that was already in place and not ideal for the job. Our goal was to get this triple glazed, circular rooflight installed in this upstand whilst remaining thermally efficient. The Vision AGI install team managed to get the rooflight installed with some adjustments and were able to maintain thermal efficiency.

We think it looks fantastic and look forward to sharing the professional photos next year.

Take a look at the gallery of other images from the install below and if you want to bring some light into your next home building project, talk to the team.

Vision AGI ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification

Vision AGI Gains ISO Status

Posted: Tuesday 13th November 2018 | Author: Vision AGI Team

We are very pleased to announce that Vision AGI has been independently assessed by ACM, a UKAS approved certification body, and have been certified as ISO 9001 : 2015 compliant for the design, supply and installation of Architectural Glazing and Cladding  Systems.

We’re really proud of the team for all their hard work to get us to this point. This certification is a testament to that effort and to our commitment to excellence in our field.

Lightscoops skylight

Rooflight Power – Energising the Future

Posted: Thursday 5th January 2017 | Author: Vision AGI Team

We’re always excited here at VisionAGI to hear about rooflight innovations. We all know how rooflights enhance your living space – flooding the interiors spaces below with natural light even on those grey winter days. Continue reading »

No Carbuncles! Just Windows on the World

Posted: Thursday 8th September 2016 | Author: Vision AGI Team

We are not sure what to say about this year’s Carbuncle Cup winner – and the rest of the shortlist for that matter. We could be critics but instead here at VisionAGI we prefer to inspire. So, sit back and get ready for our antidote to the carbuncles out there. Our pick of just outstanding buildings based on their use of architectural glazing. Of course, we may be a little biased here – especially towards those buildings that have made truly innovative uses of rooflights – our own personal favourite use for architectural glass. But when it comes to opening a window on how the world’s most inspirational architects utilise glass – the horizons are still being explored. Take a look. Continue reading »