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Bespoke Multi-Panel Walk-on Rooflight with Glass Beams

Our Bespoke Multi-Panel Rooflights

Posted: Monday 22nd January 2018 | Author: Vision AGI Team

Maximise your natural light with our truly bespoke Rooflight Multi-Panel solutions, with so many options to suit every individual and every room, the only limitation is your imagination.

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Glazing From Innovation to Vision: Creating Your Bespoke Glass Solution

Posted: Thursday 23rd November 2017 | Author: Vision AGI Team

You’ve got an idea for the kind of glazing you want to install in your home. Whether it’s a full glazed extension,  rooflight, or anything from bifold doors to glass balustrades or a staircase, chances are you have questions about the process of creating and installing that vision. These can range from design to the actual installation itself. Continue reading »

Bespoke Multi-Panel Fixed Rooflight

How to Clean & Care For Architectural Glazing

Posted: Thursday 20th July 2017 | Author: Vision AGI Team

You’ve made your vision a reality. A beautiful architectural glass extension or addition to your home. Living with the light means caring for and maintaining your glazing to retain its lustre and sparkle. Continue reading »