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Posted: Tuesday 12th June 2018 | Author: Vision AGI Team

Call us biased, providing lighter environments is at the core of our business, but ensuring that we have enough daylight in our homes makes good financial sense. A good source of natural light benefits our house’s appearance and value, not to mention it reducing energy costs. But surely the most significant benefit is our health? An abundance of bright light makes us feel more alert and gives us a greater sense of overall wellbeing. And, importantly, won’t cost us our health. Continue reading »

Lantern Rooflight

So how do you clean your rooflight?

Posted: Tuesday 13th March 2018 | Author: Vision AGI Team

So how do you clean your rooflight? In 2018 we had the Beast from the East, but every year snow and rain can leave their mark on your rooflight!

You could find your once clear view, is now spoilt by water staining!  This not only dampens the WOW factor, it will also reduce the amount of natural light in your home.

While it may be easy to ignore mucky overhead glazing for a while, cleaning them will pay dividends, so get ready for Spring by dedicating a little time to giving your Rooflights a good clean now!
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Bespoke Multi-Panel Walk-on Rooflight with Glass Beams

Our Bespoke Multi-Panel Rooflights

Posted: Monday 22nd January 2018 | Author: Vision AGI Team

Maximise your natural light with our truly bespoke Rooflight Multi-Panel solutions, with so many options to suit every individual and every room, the only limitation is your imagination.

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