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Hidden House, Walton Street – Bepsoke Rooflights & Glazing

Bepsoke Rooflights, Glass Balustrade & Internal Screens.
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A Symphony of Timber, Brick, Concrete & Glass

Hidden House is a private family home in London created from two former workshop buildings and a retail space in Knightsbridge.
We created a number of glazing elements for this beautiful development including fixed multi-panel rooflights, electric opening roof windows, walk-on multi-panel rooflights supported by glass beams along with glass balustrades and internal screens.


London Evening Standard New Homes Awards 2017 – Highly Commended, Outstanding Architectural Merit
RIBA London Regional Awards – Shortlisted

Glass Balustrade and Fixed Multi-Panel Skylight
Walk On Multi-Panel Floorlight
Fixed Multi-panel walk-on rooflight, fixed multi-panel skylight and glass balustrade
Internal Glass Screen on Staircase
Glass Balustrade and Fixed Multi-Panel Skylight
Glass Balustrade and Fixed Multi-Panel Skylight
Hidden House - Walton Street
Glass Balustrade and Fixed Multi-Panel Skylight
Glass Balustrade and Fixed Multi-Panel Skylight

Design Brief

To sensitively transform two former workshop buildings into a modern, light and airy 3-bed family home in this hidden location.


To achieve beautiful design, to sustain health and well-being through superior craftsmanship, quality materials and intelligent use of glass.


3m x 2m internal walk on glass floor with glass beams seamlessly appears out from the walls, elegantly modern design introducing light and the illusion of space.

19mm thick monolithic glass balustrade sections connect each room achieving a spacious, sharp and minimal look.

The multi-panel skylight engineered to fit existing timber trusses creates a sense of large expanse and allows the flow of daylight to pass down to the lower levels, lighting up the beautiful design within.

The Hidden House is created from the sensitive reworking of two former workshop buildings and a retail space on a complex urban site in Knightsbridge. The new family home, located within a conservation area, has been designed to be completely invisible from the street.

The existing building has been substantially rebuilt and restructured, transforming the internal spaces and creating a new sunken garden and atria. The main living areas are arranged as a sequence of linked open-place spaces, including a mezzanine study level within the roof pitch.

Large timber trusses help to define the internal spaces while a palette of timber, brick and concrete creates a contemplative environment. The garden and atria provide a flow of daylight to the lower level, containing three double bedrooms, including a large master suite with an en-suite bathroom resting within the arched pavement vaults.

The Hidden House has been designed using BIM software to allow a full understanding of the existing building’s geometry.


  • Architect – LTS Architects
  • Main Contractor – Broseley
  • Bespoke Glazing – Vision AGI

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