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Our CPD Course, Now Booking

Posted: Friday 22nd December 2017 | Author: Vision AGI Team

We are now taking bookings for our CPD course – A Specifier’s Guide to Innovative Rooflight Design. Aimed at architects and design departments in search of expanding their knowledge, this RIBA approved CPD course is a free presentation that can take place at a venue and time of your choosing. Continue reading »

Bespoke Multi-panel rooflight with fixed and opening sections

Creating A Sense Of Space In Your Home

Posted: Tuesday 26th June 2018 | Author: Vision AGI

There are many creative and decorative tips and tricks one can adopt to give a sense of space in a home but many of these solutions are temporary, some only create an illusion and if not well executed can be costly and ineffective.
The only real way to truly create a sense of extra space in your home is to make use of natural light by installing windows and skylights; even if your house has many large open spaces you may still have a few smaller rooms which may need a little inspiration to bring out the best of the space. Continue reading »

Gridshell Rooflight Interior View - Arcadia HQ, London

The Effects Of Natural Light On Productivity

Posted: Tuesday 19th June 2018 | Author: Vision AGI

We’ve all been there; stuck in an office cubicle, counting down the minutes and feeling more and more drained as the day goes on. It’s no secret that a mood like this will have a negative effect on your productivity. But did you know that the root cause of this dip can be linked back to a lack of natural light? Continue reading »

John Lascelles - Senior Research & Development Engineer

Meet the Team – John Lascelles

Posted: Monday 18th June 2018 | Author: Vision AGI Team

In this series of blog posts, we introduce you to the team members that make up Vision AGI. This time we present our Senior Research & Development Engineer, John Lascelles Continue reading »