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Bring your Home to Life with Light

The one feature that brings your home to life is light. Architects, builders and home owners alike all agree that glass is the one feature that not only brings a home to life but adds value and enhances both lifestyle and living space. It’s hardly surprising that most home owners in this country feel that their homes don’t get enough light and light becomes a key feature when planning any kind of renovation project.

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Posted: Thursday 29th June 2017 | Author: Vision AGI Team
Hills Road

Is Light Your Greatest Asset? Adding Value With Rooflights

If you’ve been considering adding rooflights or embarking on any architectural glazing project, there’s no doubt that summer is the best time to embark on your project. At VisionAGI we appreciate that better weather lends itself to getting the work done with minimum disruption plus you get to enjoy all the benefits of light-enhanced living at a time when available daylight is at its maximum. Continue reading »

Posted: Wednesday 21st June 2017 | Author: Vision AGI Team

Taking out the Frame with Frameless Glazing

Every picture needs the right frame – or does it? When it comes to architectural glazing, frameless glazing is becoming more and more the structural material of choice when it comes to contemporary buildings – and also renovating period ones.
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Posted: Friday 16th June 2017 | Author: Vision AGI Team
Fenbridge Farm 6

Changing Rooms with Rooflights – Location, Location, Location!

At VisionAGI we know there’s nothing like daylight streaming into a room to lift our spirits. Suddenly colours seem brighter, everything appears clearer and the room just seems to be inviting you to stay and linger. But not all rooms receive their fair share of daylight and not all windows are created equal when it comes to the amount of available light they can direct indoors. Continue reading »

Posted: Tuesday 30th May 2017 | Author: Vision AGI Team